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Nick Cotton Aug 4, 2014


Before we start, I should warn you: this list isn’t built from quantitative analysis of the city’s pros and cons. There was no polling, no questionnaires, no data collected. Below are the haphazard results of an offhanded conversation with a Los Angeles client who received an opportunity to move their business out of state. Their decision? To stay put. And I had to agree – I wouldn’t want to live and work anywhere else. Below are 11 things we love about working in Los Angeles.

1) The Stairs

View from the top of the Clinton Stairs - Echo Park Lake

View from the top of the Clinton Stairs – Photo from Echo Park Now

Los Angeles wasn’t always the car city it is today. Not so long ago, walking was used for something other than burning calories. The scars of those dark times have been left on our landscape in the form of unused trolley rails and secretly loved cement staircases. There are miles upon miles peppering the hills of the city.  This book is a great guide, if you’re interested in exploring them for yourself.

2) Farmers Markets


There’s a Farmers Market happening every day of the week in this city. Check this page out to see them all.  With California farms responsible for supplying much of the Nation, the food we buy doesn’t have to travel far before it ends up on my BBQ. Speaking of which….

3) Year round BBQ!


Which is great for moral here at Zbra Studios. Every Wednesday, lunch is on us and cooked over hot coals. Every Wednesday. All year round. The only thing that changes is what we choose to grill.  

4) Hiking to the Hollywood Sign:


It’s not just a sign on a hill. The Hollywood Sign is also the finish line to one of the best hikes in the city. Just don’t try and climb on it. They send helicopters. Seriously.

5) Walking into Dodger Stadium:


Which you really should do if you’re a baseball fan. First off, parking at the stadium is a beast. And second, the stadium is surrounded by the aptly named Elysian Park.

6) Melting Pot


We’ve got Thai Town, Filipinotown, Koreatown, Little Armenia, Little Ethiopia, Little Tokyo and the only Chinatown to be immortalized by Jack Nicholson. There are few cities that can give you access to so much of the world without hopping on a plane.

7) Tacos


They are a staple in the Californian diet and here in Los Angeles there is no end to the variations. Whether it’s a new food truck on the Westside, or the latest experimental fusion in Echo Park, you can be sure someone, somewhere in the city, is making your perfect taco.

8) Movie Theaters


We have the theaters the people who make movies go to. Whether they’re historical like The Egyptian, or luxurious like the ArcLight we take the movie going experience seriously.

9) Creative Atmosphere


Everyone in this city is doing something creative. Whether it’s their career or a passion project simmering on the back burner, anyone you meet is up for a conversation about the arts.

10) The View


Day or night. This is a gorgeous city.  

11) If You Love Baseball…


We are also in spitting distance to Angel Stadium in Orange, Petco Park in San Diego, AT&T Park in San Francisco and Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in (you guessed it) Oakland. If you love to watch your favorite baseball team clobber the competition in their own stadium it doesn’t get more convenient then Los Angeles.

Fun Fact: Games at Dodger Stadium have only been rained out 17 times since it was built in 1958.

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