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F ive companies rocking holiday cover photos on Facebook

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Gary Smith Dec 16, 2013

Christmas: ’tis the season to… well… market. With $68.9 billion in revenue projected for retailers this month, consumers can expect some serious holiday campaigns – and that includes social media. Facebook cover photos are only a small slice of this, but they offer a great opportunity for companies to subtly drive promotions. Considering sprucing up your fan page for the season? Take a look at what some of the big names in business have done this year:

1) Kahlúa

From how the logo is cleverly blended into the design, to the photo collage that makes you say, “Yum,” this is an attractive, and enticing piece of holiday marketing.

2) Target

Target takes their cover a step further by connecting it with their #MyKindOfHoliday campaign. In terms both of design and marketing, Target is covering all their bases here, and doing so with style.

3) Starbucks

There’s so much done right here. Starbucks is already well known for their seasonal drinks, so they don’t need a big marketing push. Instead, they took the subtle route, and wove in some awesome community interaction. That cover photo? It’s a fan’s instagram photo, which the page manager complimented and asked to use. Talk about encouraging brand loyalty!

4) Petsmart

This adorable cover is a subtle reminder not to forget about our four-legged family members when we go gift shopping, and it works its magic well: expect to see a chew toy under the tree this Christmas.

5) Panda Express

Let’s face it: when you think “Christmas,” your mind probably doesn’t go straight to Panda Express. This is a great example of keeping a brand top-of-mind year round for consumers, with something as simple as a season-specific cover photo.

(Dis)Honorable Mention: Hooters

I mean, it’s Hooters, so what should we expect, right? Still, that doesn’t change the fact that this is an incredibly gaudy cover photo which leaves you wondering what exactly the company is marketing; with the restaurant’s usual branding absent, and no hint of food nearby, you might think this was an advertisement for an adult supply store, or something even more lurid. Pass!

Facebook cover photos are only a part of social marketing, but when used effectively they can help drive customers during the holiday. Looking to beef up your social media presence? Drop us a line, and get prepared for the next holiday!

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