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Gary Smith Oct 21, 2013

There are two rather distinct types of fear: the “scary movie” sort, and the kind that gives you chills because it’s so awful. This Halloween – because not all stock photos are created equally – we’re introducing you to the latter. Check out these 10 terrifyingly bad stock photos:

1) A “Bad Elf” in every sense of the word.

2) …this is not how you carve a pumpkin.

3) “You’ve been very naughty desecrating my tomb, or whatever. I will now chase you with this axe I bought from Home Depot.”

4) “Girl’s night out!!” It’s like bad Clueless costume play on the right, and on the left… I don’t even know.

5) Most unenthusiastic headshot of all time.

6) Why so… awful.

7) The hearts are there because she’s making a love potion, see.

8) “And this will launch my acting career, you say? Wait, what’s my motivation? The knife’s an ice cream cone? Got it!”

9) Wait, is that candy, or… uh. Hmm.

10) That expression right there? That’s the same expression any client would wear if you chose any of these photos for their website.

Do yourself a favor – check out our article on 5 tips for choosing the right stock photo and give out the right sort of scares this Halloween!

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