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Gary Smith Oct 7, 2013

This week we’ve been reading everything from astonishingly creative roommate ads, to harnessing the power of story telling in advertisement. Not everything is about marketing and graphic design per se, but it’s always about geeking out to cool things on the Internet to help us get through a case of the Mondays.

roommateCool Roommate Advertisement | imgur

Those out of their 20’s might have forgotten what an exhausting process finding a roommate can be – between weeding out the Craigslist weirdos and selecting someone who might actually do the dishes, it’s typically not the most entertaining gig. And yet, this individual made it fun anyway, assembling a pretty darn cute ad complete with testimonials.

Why Agencies and Brands Need to Embrace True Storytelling | AdWeek

Brands are now much more than the products or services they sell and should focus on building emotional resonance through stories, not just pushing the old branded content-mobile. It’s food for thought in the ever evolving and interconnected worlds of social media and advertising.

In the Garage Where Google Was Born | Mashable

We recently wrote about Google’s new search algorithm Hummingbird, released on the eve of its 15th anniversary. But where did it all begin? In the very same garage that Google began. Check out the slideshow of the internet behemoth’s humble origins.

Artist Creates Fake Design Studio to Mock Designers Who Value Style over Substance | Dashburst

While it might seem like a case of taking things too far, this is a pretty interesting read. Frustrated with the wealth of graphic design that favors style over substance, a designer created a fake design studio promoting nothing, garnered a decent amount of online praise, then pulled the curtain and sent out a flaming rebuke. Harsh? Perhaps – but not without a point.

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