G oogle unveils new search algorithm, Hummingbird

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Gary Smith Oct 4, 2013

If anything is certain, it’s that the internet is always changing. Keywords, once the staple of search engine optimization, have been on the path to deprecation for some time now, and might have just seen the final nail.

Meet Hummingbird, Google’s latest search algorithm. Already in effect for more than a month, Google revealed its new game changer on its 15th anniversary of the company, and is considered by the company as a road map to the future.

First off, what exactly is Hummingbird? Some facts:

  • Rather than focusing on individual words in a search query, Hummingbird looks at each query as a whole, similar to how a human would.
  • Hummingbird changes how Google pulls search results, with the name indicating “precise and fast.”
  • The last time Google made this large of an overhaul to their search engine was 2010, with Caffeine – there, the focus was on indexing information better – here, the focus is on sorting through it more effectively.

Essentially, Google is moving toward a more natural integration between the user and the web. Mobile devices and voice communication are on the top of Google’s list, and with the Hummingbird release the foundation for this has been laid.

Google wants users to ask the search engine a question, not just type a series of related words. For example, if you were to type, “where can I buy pizza near me?” Google wants to deliver results for your specific question, taking into account your location and any other relevant information asked.


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