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Gary Smith Sep 30, 2013

Alas, another week of work begins, so let’s ease into the work week with what we’re reading in graphic design, marketing, and social media.

No Comments | The New York Times

It’s no secret that the comments sections on most websites are not a shining example of humanity – between the spam and the unbridled vitriol, this fascinating New York Times article digs into the past of internet comments, and asks: where exactly does the root of bad comments start?

IBM’s Watson computer has parts of its memory cleared after developing an acute case of potty mouth | io9


In the realm of the purely humorous, IBM’s super computer Watson (famed for its 2011 Jeopardy! appearance) recently had to have the mouth-soap treatment after it couldn’t tell the difference between slang and swearing. A comforting thought: someday, perhaps it will be our computers that are cursing in frustration at us.

Horse_ebooks is human after all | The New Yorker

Most avid Twitter users are probably well aware of @Horse_ebooks. Boosted to fame for its bizarre spam-like tweets, the account enjoyed several years of mystery and speculation. Last week, it was revealed to be some sort of “digital modern art” project by two men, much to the dismay of the internet; some things are better left as mysteries.

Bill Gates admits Control-Alt-Delete was a mistake, blames IBM | The Verge

Anyone that’s had a PC in the past twenty years knows this key sequence like the back of their hand. Computer locking up, or running slow? Control-Alt-Delete. Need to restart the computer? Control-Alt-Delete again. As it turns out, Bill Gates would have rather had a single button for this, and considers it a mistake.

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