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T he marketing potential of Pinterest

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Gary Smith Sep 20, 2013


While the ever-so popular social media site Pinterest is a great place to share exotic recipes (French Toast Cupcakes, anyone?), wedding inspiration, or that super fashionable outfit, it also represents a vast pool of marketing potential. Now the fourth most popular social network with over 70 million users and half a million business accounts, Pinterest is a great place to connect with customers or clients and drive traffic to your website.

One of Pinterest’s greatest strengths is its emphasis on imagery over text, making it ideal for visually stimulating, product-oriented marketing (users will share the good-looking stuff!). But business profiles on Pinterest should still take a balanced approach to marketing on by sharing, commenting, “liking” other pins it (it is a social platform, after all).

When it comes to competition, Pinterest is a much more level playing field than other social media platforms like, for example, Facebook. A smaller company might not have the notoriety or wallet sizes of the big brands like a Nordstrom has (with a whopping 4.5 million followers on Pinterest), but to help add and maintain followers everyone should follow some of the basic rules:

  1. Pin your best (and best-looking) products
  2. Pin original content from your own website to drive traffic
  3. Include nice images into your blog posts, and pin it
  4. Interact with your followers
  5. Mix up your Pinterest boards by repining others’ content
  6. Update regularly and consistently

Of course, this is only the tip of the fashion-berg when it comes to Pinterest. Free third-party tools like Postris offer a wealth of statistics and analytics to help boost pin performance, but there’s no better way to get started than to just dive in.

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