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Gary Smith Sep 16, 2013

Happy Monday! Let’s take a moment to ease into the week by playing catch up with news from the world of graphic design and marketing. From Twitter to twerking (that’s right, twerking), this is what we’re reading.

Does Twitter Have a Growth Problem? | All Things D

twitter-bird-twitter-logo-white-on-blue-oWho would have thought that gaining 4.5 million new users a month could be considered under performing? With Twitter’s announcement that it’s prepping to go public, however, the spotlight is on with full force, calling CEO Dick Costelo’s prediction of 100% growth by the end of 2013 into question. Still, as Twitter continues to ramp up its ad efforts, and as clever marketers continue to utilize the platform for strong ad campaigns, the future remains bright for the social media giant.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Fake Twerking Video a Cautionary Tale to Media | Houston Press

Speaking of clever ad campaigns, viral videos continue to be a powerful vehicle for sneaking into the spotlight. Uploaded as “The Worst Twerk Fail EVER,” this viral video – which garnered over 9 million views within a week of its upload – was all an elaborate hoax engineered by the Jimmy Kimmel team. It’s an entertaining two-fold reminder: don’t believe everything you see on the internet, and never underestimate the power of cleverly conceived viral lift.

Storytelling Ads May Be Journalism’s New Peril | The New York Times

Viral videos aren’t the only marketing wolves sneaking into the flock lately. So-called “Sponsored Content” is only getting more popular, as websites like BuzzFeed, and even heavy hitters like The Atlantic and The New Yorker step into the foray. These posts – which often look like a legitimate article at first glance – are written by ad agencies instead of the editorial staff. Despite the publicity and monetary benefits, when these stunts go awry, they also damage the publications’ credibility.

Bold Decisions With Your Brand Identity | Salop Creative

Looking to kick your branding up a notch? This article has several good suggestions. In a nutshell: stand out in a busy market by branding in a bold, clear, and direct manner. While you’re at it, check out our branding portfolio for a few examples of this approach, or peruse our other articles on how to strengthen your brand’s image.

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