I nfographic: How much it costs today to be Batman

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Kelly Erickson Aug 5, 2013

Even if you’re not a comic book geek, one can appreciate the entertainment value of superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman. Since Batman doesn’t have any actual super powers like x-ray vision and freestyle wall climbing, the character has always had to resort to fancy (and often self-invented) technology. When the series was first introduced in comic book format back in 1939, that technology was much different than what Batman had in this year’s blockbuster hit The Dark Knight Rises, but the ideas were there – they just cost a heck of a lot more now!

Here’s a look at Batman’s rise from a fairly affordable superhero to a multi, MULTI millionaire. And before you ask – yes this does take inflation into account.

So how does Bruce Wayne compare to other comic book superheroes? Even Superman doesn’t cost nearly as much as Batman, with a total of $29,434 that is more appropriate for a lowly reporter for the Daily Planet. But he also doesn’t have to rely on ultrasonic beacons and bat-bombs! Click here for more then and now superhero comparisons.

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