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Gary Smith Aug 2, 2013

Remember when Gmail was by invitation only? Or when subscribing to an email newsletter was as personal as giving away your social security number? Email itself has come a long way the past few years, and, no matter what your business, it’s become an important direct marketing tool.

Let’s take a look at the stats: 94% of active Internet users (ages 12+) regularly check their email, while a majority also prefer permission-based marketing communications via email (as opposed to, for instance, Facebook). Email generates nearly double the return than other sources do – in 2011, for every dollar spent, there was a $40.56 return.

Add in the increasing popularity of mobile internet use, and the number of people accessing email via mobile devices is also on the rise. With popular (and inexpensive) email marketing platforms like ConstantContact and MailChimp, it’s become a lot easier to create visually interesting and powerful marketing campaigns.

Infographic by Marketo

Click to enlarge. Infographic by Marketo

Our advice when creating your email marketing campaign? Use plenty of commanding images, personalize the email, and always include an effective message – the most popular types of email messages include special offers, promotions, or new products.

We’ve had a surge of email marketing projects lately, so check out our email marketing portfolio. Or get inspired by our Pinterest email marketing design board!

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