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Gary Smith Jul 26, 2013

Twitter, the Vatican, and Gmail, oh my! Whether it’s buzz about snubbed royal babies, or a unique and snazzy Instagram infographic, we’ve got you covered in this week’s WWR post.

Royal Baby Fails to Beat Pope, Obama on Twitter | Mashable

Sorry baby George, but it looks like Twitter just isn’t as jazzed about the Royal birth as they were about the new Pope. At an average 25,300 Tweets per minute during the birth announcement, it didn’t quite compete with a man who offers absolution in 140 characters or less (and who’s appointment garnered 132,000 tweets per minute). But neither came close to Obama’s record-breaking 237,000 Tweets per minute during last November’s reelection.


Infographic: Using 2 Million Instagram Pics to Map a City’s Visual Signature | Wired

Most of us are pretty used to the standard Infographic format at this point: a clever vertical design littered with facts. Well, the Phototrails research project decided to kick it up a notch and really put the “graphic” in “infographic” by using thousands of instagram photos to create “visual signatures” of cities around the world.

How Gmail’s New Inbox Is Affecting Open Rates | MailChimp

File this one under “uh-oh.” One of the folks over at the MailChimp blog decided to pull open rate statistics following Gmail’s migration to the new tabbed inbox earlier this year, and open rates are down by half a percentage point. Considering that’s out of a pool of 12.5 billion emails, that’s quite the dip.Mailchimp-Gmail

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer | Advanced Marketing Institute

This one’s for fun, and for all the copywriters out there. After all, who doesn’t like having their words analyzed by a cold-hearted machine? Plug in your headline here to get its Emotional Marketing Value score. For example, this post’s title earns a whopping 11.11% out of 100. Ouch!

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