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Gary Smith Jun 28, 2013

Stock imagery is, admittedly, hit or miss, but it’s also a major part of web development. As one of the largest stock photography providers, Shutterstock knows all about design trends when it comes to stock photos, and they’re sharing.

In a blog entry, the company revealed their obsession with data, and some pretty fascinating insights into the medium, thanks to a rather elegant infograph. For example, “Vintage” is presently Shutterstock’s most popular keyword, although the graphic suggests that soon vintage imagery will give way to clean modernism as trends evolve. Also, scalable vector imagery sales have ballooned, due to the web’s shift to responsive design.

One of the major takeaways here is how minimalism is really starting to dominate both web and print design; bright color schemes, clean lines, shapes and simplicity will always stand out, especially when there’s a lot going on.

Full infographic after the jump!Shutterstock-infographic

Shutterstock's Global Design Trends Infographic 2013

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