I nfographic: 7 different personalities of social media users

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Sean McGoey Jun 11, 2013

Online marketing can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to targeting the wide Internet audience of social media users. We often want that one single Facebook post to appeal to as many people (within the targeted demographics) as possible, but when it comes to interacting with our social media fans and followers there are multiple online personalities we have to deal with.

To make the most out of those interactions, one marketing agency has broken down the different online personalities into seven different types, which include:

  1. The Quiet Follower
  2. The Casual Liker
  3. The Deal Seeker
  4. The Unhappy Customer
  5. The Ranter
  6. The Cheerleader
  7. The Loyal Fan

So whether you’re dealing with the types who go online just to rant and complain about your business, or are lucky enough to have fans who shamelessly promote your business, what’s the best method to connect with each one of these (or as many of them as possible)? Click below to find out!


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