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Kelly Erickson Apr 26, 2013

TGIF! Before you head to happy hour, here’s a run-down of what we’ve been reading this week in graphic design, marketing, and web development news.

We Sent Their Briefs Back | TBWA South Africa

A design firm in South Africa launches an incredible in-house campaign to capture their clients’ attention – we have to admit feeling a little jealous of this idea! Designers reconceptualized client briefs, making what can only be described as incredibly elaborate 3-dimensional art pieces with the briefs themselves, and then sending the back. Clients were so impressed that new design work rose 450% and clients even framed then displayed the pieces. Click on the screenshot below for more.

We Sent Their Briefs Back

The 10 best words the internet has given English | The Guardian UK

Geeks, put this on your reading list: etymologist Tom Chatfield has written a book on the origin of technological words that the Internet has given us. Words like avatars, hashtags, spam, LOLs, meh, and trolling are amongst his ten favorite that now exist in our vocabulary and in our dictionaries, but what are their origins? (Hint: “Spam” comes from a 1970 Monty Python sketch!) Check it out.

Why Your Twitter Background Sucks | Jillian Hailey Designs

Making our favorite argument that good design brings a brand credibility, the author talks about why having a good brand presence on social media – down to a quality Twitter page background – is imperative. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the great design examples in the article.

Why Twitter Is Getting Into the Music Discovery Businesses | Mashable

Speaking of Twitter, it is hoping to become THE music discovery platform with the launch of, aptly named, “Music.” Since only 1.7% of time Internet users spend on social media is on Twitter, versus Facebook’s 84.0%, it is hoping Music will keep users on the platform longer. Experts are skeptical, but with the increased use of mobile platforms by consumers, it might just work.

Unique Wine Labels From Around the World | Visual News

Braille wine label

We’re always in the mood for cool packaging design inspiration, but these ones really caught our eye. From a braille label to a travel-themed design complete with in-flight drinking instructions, this list will not only make you thirsty, it’ll get those creative juices flowing.

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