F acebook rebrands and it’s not a disaster

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Sean McGoey Apr 22, 2013

Rebranding is a delicate procedure. Change the brand image too much or botch the job, and you can bet there will be blood – just ask the University of California about its failed attempt to go modern. While there will always be disastrous rebranding endeavors, there are also more subtle shifts intended on maintaining a loyal audience.


The newly announced Facebook icon is an example of the latter. It’s a simplified version of the brand’s iconic look, which nixes the off-color underscore behind the “F” and brings the letter to the bottom. This change, though rather minor, may have been a wise move for the social media giant, considering its history of controversial design updates. After all, aren’t there already enough “CHANGE IT BACK!!” Facebook groups?

Somewhat more significant are the changes Facebook is making to other icons. Once again, the emphasis seems to be on clean minimalism, as seen below.


What do you think? Did Facebook go far enough with its new logo designs?

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