W hat’s Red and Pink and Blue All Over?

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Sean McGoey Apr 9, 2013
Logo remix via The Human Rights Campaign Flickr

Logo remix via The Human Rights Campaign Flickr

Noticed the red and pink equal icons popping up all over social media sites like Facebook these last couple of weeks? When the Human Rights Campaign changed the colors in its equal sign icon to red and pink to bring awareness to the Supreme Court hearings on gay marriage, actor (and Facebook sensation) George Takei nabbed it for his Facebook page. Almost instantly, it went viral, and social media sites like Facebook was painted red by all the user avatars.

One of the strengths of social media is its ability to unite like minds, and when an idea or symbol takes hold in the social sphere, it can spread like wildfire. A couple of weeks ago, Facebook’s Talk Meter revealed the term “Equality” was the most used term when it came to the discussion on gay marriage. Facebook also said its user activity went up 5,000% at that time. Each time a social media trend such as this appears, the debate is raised: does it actually create a tangible impact, or is it merely a passing fad?

It can hardly be argued that it brings awareness to an issue, but whether this digital movement makes any impact on the decisions of the Supreme Court is another matter altogether. Do you think social media a tactile venue for social change, or is it simply a wider method of preaching to the choir?

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