T he best marketing gags from April Fools

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Sean McGoey Apr 3, 2013

April Fools jokes for marketing

Successful advertising is all about grabbing the consumer’s attention, and what better time to do that than April Fool’s Day when marketers can really let loose? You might be disappointed to learn what’s fake (no bacon mouthwash), but check out our favorite marketing gags from this year below:

Because America loves bacon

The Scope mouthwash brand came up with a frightening imaginary product: Bacon Mouthwash. As one rather brilliant variant of the ad reads, “For breath that sizzles.” And the scariest part of it all? It’s hard to believe it doesn’t already exist.

Not for those with a fear of flying

Virgin Atlantic Airways announced the very first glass bottom plane. With the glass-bottom boat already a reality, and Virgin Airlines’ flair for luxury, it’s another April Fool’s joke that seems viable – if somewhat terrifying.

Grammar enthusiasts can breathe again

Twitter will not, in fact, be charging users $5 a month to use vowels. The “new,” free version of Twitter – Twttr – was announced on the Official Twitter blog Monday, providing the following consolation: “Because our users come first, we believe that “Y” should always be free to everyone — today and forever.” Thanks, Twttr.

Popcorn is so the movie snack of yesterday

In a post that has since been taken down from their website, Redbox announced its kiosks would begin offering, “DVD-shaped cold cuts including bologna, turkey and liverwurst.” Just don’t forget to use that Bacon Mouthwash when you’re done.

In what sounds incredibly safe…

IKEA UK posted about a new product on their Facebook page: a self-assembly lawnmower. “Light, foldable and easy to store, perfect for saving space in small gardens!” the post read, beneath a photo of the finished product. For the sake of fingers everywhere, we’re a little glad IKEA is sticking to furniture.

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