B uttons and the Magic of CSS3

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Sean McGoey Feb 11, 2013


As the web evolves, so too does the programming behind one of the core blocks of the net: buttons. In most cases, a fancy button requires an image file (or two) to be run on HTML and CSS puppet strings. And yet, the image portion is something we’re beginning to see phased out by CSS3.

Take the button below, for example, created by CodePen user Justin Windle:

Check out this Pen!

So supple! So lifelike! And done almost entirely with CSS3 and HTML.

Because many older browsers don’t support CSS3 (which the button above is heavily reliant upon), it likely wouldn’t be used in production. Nevertheless, as web developers, part of our job is to always look forward and see what’s on the horizon – even if we can’t use it in our websites just yet.

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