L orem Ipsum Redacted

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Sean McGoey Feb 8, 2013


For those of us in the design field, “lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” is like a second language. But for newbies to the design process, many might not know that greeking copy is a standard choice to explain and indicate placement, font choice, and font style for a mockup.

And even though there are options other than Latin copy for early stages of the design process (Hipster Ipsum for the cool Angelinos, Bacon Ipsum for the non-vegetarians), the latest trend is not using greeking copy but instead blocks of color to indicate text.blokk-font

BLOKK font is just how it sounds – literally blocks of text that replace the crazy language of greeking copy (think super secret classified documents where everything is “blacked out”). With this tool, designers can create wireframes without confusing any new clients with strange text.

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