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Nick Cotton Dec 25, 2021
Faster Home Broadband Should Be Enshrined in Law
By Chris Stokel-Walker from Wired
  • “If the world of work changed overnight, the infrastructure providing it has evolved at a more leisurely pace. But now lawmakers are trying to do something about it.”
  • “‘The further expansion of secure and resilient digital infrastructure must be rapidly pushed forward,” says Harald A. Summa, CEO of DE-CIX Group, a networking company that runs some of the world’s busiest interconnection points. ‘The lowest possible latencies for data traffic will play a dominant role here.’”
  • Huge changes in infrastructure are needed, including the removal of copper cabling that can only handle comparatively small amounts of data, and the laying of fiber optic cabling as close as possible to the point of use to reduce any loss in efficiency. That costs money—£33.4 billion ($44 billion) in the UK alone, according to official analyses. And the bigger the country, the bigger the challenge and cost involved—which is perhaps why the nation-states with the world’s fastest internet are all tiny.”
  • “The shift towards cloud computing, with companies asking staff to access servers run by their company from home, increases the demand on bandwidth. And if companies decide that working from home is here to stay then we need the home broadband infrastructure to support that change.”
All In One SEO Vulnerability Affects +3 Million Sites
By Roger Montti From Search Engine Journal 
  • “Security researchers at Jetpack discovered two serious vulnerabilities in the All In One SEO Plugin. The vulnerabilities could allow a hacker to access usernames and passwords and also perform remote code execution exploits.”
  • “…the problem was in the security checks that verify if a user accessing an API endpoint had the right privilege credentials.”
  • “This vulnerability affects versions 4.0.0 through The latest version at this time, is the safest version to update to. The security researchers at Jetpack recommend updating to the latest version.”
How to gain SEO insights using data segmentation
By Corey Patterson From Search Engine Land
  • “Yatağan suggests marketers use one of two data segmentation tactics — with a developer’s help, if needed — to serve as the foundation for your SEO strategy: custom scraping using Regex/Xpath or segmentations post-crawl.”
  • “‘I segment data by traffic,’ he said. ‘It’s organic traffic along with the crawl information that I gathered because these two [metrics] enable me to triangulate the data about the website, so it shows me some patterns.’”
  • “Yatağan gave an example of how he segmented data using word count. Though most SEOs consider this metric less relevant than other factors, it can still serve as a good measuring stick when comparing pieces of content.”

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