L osing Users and Automated Experts

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Nick Cotton Apr 19, 2019
For the first time ever, Snapchat is expected to lose U.S. users this year
By  Michael Grothaus from Fast Company
  • “In 2018, Snapchat had 79.7 million users, but eMarketer says that number will fall by 2.8% down to 77.5 million users in 2019.”
  • “eMarketer blames Snapchat’s disastrous redesign in 2017 for the downturn–something users still have not forgiven the company for–as well as increased competition from social media competitors.”
Google’s AI Experts Try to Automate Themselves
By Tom Simonite from Wired
  • “Entrants were given data from an anonymous auto parts maker and asked to predict bad batches in factory output. One team stood out because it openly intended to cheat: a trio of Google researchers testing artificial intelligence software called AutoML, designed to do the work of a data scientist.”
  • “Iglovikov was doubtful that AI software could match the creativity of the world’s top data-science obsessives soon—a view shared by other grandmasters watching Thursday. But he could see automated AI being disruptive inside companies.”
  • “Peng, in a puffy jacket and floppy hair, credited their success in part to insight gained from building several types of models to examine the dataset. Those different perspectives helped inspire better ways to handle problems like missing data values. He was unruffled by Google’s AI software finishing close behind.”

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