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Right now, analysts say that 1/3 of content discovery on the web originates from some form of social media. At the same time an average of only 1% of marketing spending currently goes to social media.

When establishing an online presence, many business owners think a great website is all it takes to bring in new customers. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Although it’s important to have a well-designed, modern website, that’s just the beginning. The web is always growing more competitive, and your business needs a comprehensive online marketing package to stand out.

Zbra Studios can provide just that. Our online marketing services include:

Social Media

For a successful business this is no longer an option. Without a social media presence, you risk being perceived as behind the times by customers. Companies are expected to have – at the very least – a dedicated Facebook and Twitter account. You need to engage, and you need to do so consistently. This is where we come in. From managing and ghost writing your social media accounts, to monitoring and tracking traffic to your website from these networks, we are here to help you build an online following.


Your company’s image isn’t just in the design – it’s also in the words. If you have a gorgeous website, but don’t have the content or the copy to get your story across, you’re less likely to connect with customers. Our copywriters dig into your target market and get to know your demographic, in order to establish a dialogue with your audience. Whether it’s developing and writing content for your company blog, or providing copy for your website, we find the language to successfully market your business.

Website Optimization

The web has outgrown Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO,” as it’s known to many. Instead of using questionable techniques to trick search engines into providing better results, a website must be built on a solid foundation, and needs to draw genuine interest from its target audience. This means providing your demographic with what they want: quality content. We do this by building your website from the ground up with all the tools you need to analyze and optimize traffic, as well as by delivering quality marketing through social media, copywriting, and content.

Email Marketing

It was important in the ’90s, and it’s still important today. Email marketing allows you to stay on your customers’ radar, while providing gentle reminders about your services. It’s a delicate balance – you don’t want your customers to associate you with one of the endless spam services out there, but you do want them to remember what you offer, and email campaigns remain one of the best ways to do that – if done right. By providing visually attractive designs for your newsletters, and analyzing your market in order to find that delicate balance between too much email communication and not enough, we help you create successful email marketing campaigns.

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